My 2017 Travel Wish list

Happy New Year to you all!

Although I had a full time job in the US for most of 2016, I’ve managed to get many trips for both work and play to: Lake Tahoe, Scottsdale, Austin, Santa Barbara, New York, Miami, both Napa and Sonoma counties, London, Portugal, Colorado, Big Sur, Boston, DC, San Diego, and Mexico. Not too shabby, huh?

Although my days of consistent globetrotting may be over for the time being, I’m still planning a couple of International trips (if you count Canada) and quick jaunts around the US in 2017. Here a few planned trips and ideas for places I’d like to travel in 2017.

Whistler, B.C.

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 4.59.22 PM.png

Image credit: Tourism Whistler on Flickr

Because our Mountain Collective passes cover two days of lift tickets, we’re excited to make a trip up to Whistler for a long weekend of skiing in the Canadian Rockies. Because it’s a busy weekend (MLK Jr.) for traveling in North America, most hotels were extremely overpriced but thanks to Airbnb we got a cute cabin in Whistler village. Although we did a road trip around parts of B.C. in 2014, we never got a chance to see Whistler so I’m very excited! Please send any recommendations on bars, restaurants and spas in Whistler.

New Orleans


Image Credit: Premium Parking

Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore New Orleans! “My three US cities” in are San Francisco, New Orleans and New York. Sadly I haven’t been to New Orleans since my bachelorette party in August 2015, so I’m overdue! Next year I’ll be in New Orleans for the 2017 Collision Conference and plan to spend a weekend there before or after during Jazz Fest.


Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 5.20.48 PM.png

Image Credit: Kuba Klopotowski on Flickr

By now the word is out about Croatia, thanks in part to Game of Thrones. I’ve been wanting to go to Croatia for a long time now and almost went in 2016,  but ended up in Portugal instead.


Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 5.06.31 PM.png

Photo Credit: Gin-Lung Cheng on Flickr

Slovenia is the most under the radar destination on my list, and I’d love to get there before the word gets out. I’d love to spend a day or two in the capital Ljubljana followed by a few days between Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj, and Triglav National Park. Coupled with a trip to Croatia, Slovenia adds mountains to the already beautiful scenery of Croatia.



Enchantment Resort in Sedona, Arizona

Although I love skiing, wintertime is hard for me at times because I desperately need sunshine. For that reason I love to plan girls trips to sunny locales in the winter/early spring. Unlike most places on this list, Sedona is a new location for me. We chose it due to it’s climate, affordability in comparison to Palm Springs, outdoor activities, and of course the spa. For those of you not familiar with Sedona, check out 4 Reasons to Visit Sedona.



Image Credit: Markus Trienke on Flickr

 The scenery of Norway has always intrigued and amazed me. I’d love to spend a night in Oslo and see Bergen, but the natural attractions are what I’m really dying to see. Norway seems like the best place to rent a car and driving aimlessly through the fjords and along the coast. Thanks to budget airlines like Norwegian Air, round trip flights from the west coat to Oslo are surprisingly affordable, which will help you afford those $10 beers! Because Europe is so far away and I only have so many vacation days in a year, I will have to choose between Norway and Croatia/Slovenia.


Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 6.06.12 PM.png

Photo Credit: Bob McCuaig on Flickr

With flights under $400 from San Francisco, I must go to Hawaii again soon! I went to Honolulu about 5 years ago and was underwhelmed by Waikiki, but know that the other islands would be more my speed. I’d love recommendations on islands that offer a view into the “real Hawaii”.


If anyone has any recommendations on any of the above locations, feel free to send them my way! If you had to choose between Norway and Croatia/Slovenia, which would you choose?

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