Today was not my day

I left San Gil on a 6am bus to Bucaramanga, which of course didn’t leave until nearly 7am. My day didn’t start out so well after waiting for an hour in the bus station then accidentally leaving my brand new rain jacket on a bench. Half way through the ~3 hour bus ride to Bucaramanga, I began looking for my camera to no avail. Panic turned to anger, which eventually subsided as sadness took its place. I accepted that I lost my camera and all the paragliding pictures that I’d not yet uploaded. After arriving in Bucaramanga and sprinting through the bus station I barely made the bus to Medellin, which was leaving on time for once.

Having a pea sized bladder is not great in situations like this and unlike many of the larger coach buses I’ve taken in Colombia, this tiny 10 person bus did not have a bathroom. Adding no breakfast or air conditioning on the bus and a seat that won’t recline to the list of complaints, I could have snapped someone’s head off. On the bright side after freaking out for several hours, I found my camera hidden in a side pocket of my bag.

Finally arriving at The Pit Stop in Medellin at 7pm, I was ready to blow off some steam. Turns out I arrived at the right place, 2 for 1 beers at the bar!

Next stop: Drunkville

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