The pet friendly activities of Yellowstone

Do not exist, seriously dogs aren’t allowed anywhere in Yellowstone. Not on board walks, paths, trails, basically no where which was a huge problem since we’re traveling across country with our dog Lexie. With temperatures reaching the mid-eighties, leaving her in the car or at the campsite was out of the question.

No dogs allowed :(

No dogs allowed 😦

Because of this we were forced to board Lexie for a night in Jackson at Spring Creek Animal Hospital just to see Yellowstone. Because she was due for the Distemper shot we had to pay for a $65 office visit in addition to the boarding cost. After getting our outrageous bill of $175 we noticed an additional $18 added for dog day care in addition to the boarding fee, office visit, and Distemper shot. Ripoff alert!

Having been to 6 National Parks in the past two months, we’re pretty spoiled. I had high expectations for Yellowstone since it was the first National Park in the US, but after spending a day and a half there I can stay that it wasn’t my favorite National Park we’ve visited. While the geothermal features of the park are incredible, overall the park isn’t the prettiest place I’ve been.

We camped at nearby Grand Teton National Park at Jenny Lake, which was definitely the highlight of our time there.

Ben taking a dip in Jenny Lake

Ben taking a dip in Jenny Lake

Being the most heavily visited park in the US, the traffic was terrible. Several times we waited impatiently while cars in front of us stopped in the middle of the road to take pictures of wildlife. I can understand if a bear or even a moose happened to walk near the road, but in this case it was a deer.

Being active people, Ben and I tend to favor parks which involve hiking, biking, climbing, etc. At Yellowstone the majority of the major sights were visible via a boardwalk or roadway, making the demographics at the park seem to skew towards the elderly and families with young children. If I was in either group I think my opinion would have likely been different.  With that being said, it was really interesting to learn more about the geothermal features and see geysers in action. All in all I’m glad we visited Yellowstone but one day was definitely enough time there for us.

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