We tried to spend a week in Southern Utah

The Virgin River Narrows

Unfortunately Mother Nature wasn’t having any part of it.

We drove 10 hours to Zion National Park, 10 long hours in a car with constant rain. We figured the weather forecast was correct when it called for a 30% chance of scattered thunderstorms. Instead it rained day and night and instead of camping in a soggy campsite, we got a hotel room in the nearby town Springdale, Utah hoping the rain would clear. Instead we awoke at 7am to rain and the forecast wasn’t looking great.

Rain meant that hiking The Narrows, the famous 16 mile slot canyon trip with a river running through it, was impossible. Aside from The Narrows we weren’t able to do any of the other hikes we planned due to slippery wet rock. So after checking the forecast we drove through the park and headed back to Colorado. We drove 22 hours in two days.. all for nothing.

On the way back we drove through Arches National Park and Moab for dinner. While in Arches we did a quick hike to Delicate Arches, which was definitely the highlight of our 22 hour journey.

Here are the photos!

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