Cuyabeno or Bust!

After trying to leave Denver everyday from Wednesday-Friday we decided to book flights to Houston on miles in hopes of making it on the Saturday flight to Bogota. Because we’re flying on United Buddy Passes (thanks Bob!!) we’re able to fly for just taxes and fees on standby, which we’ve learned can be tricky and requires patience.

After hopping onto the Bogota flight we landed 4.5 hours later. Since our flight to Quito, Ecuador wasn’t until the next night, we spent the night in the most expensive and nicest hostel ever ($60 USD for a private room) and went sightseeing all day Sunday.

We boarded flight numero 3 to Quito on Sunday night. Landing at 11pm and having yet another flight to Lago Agrio, Ecuador in the Amazon Basin the next morning gave us 6ish hours to sleep. Shelling out $100 USD at a mediocre hotel near the airport was a little shocking… isn’t South America supposed to be cheap?!

Flight number 4 was a 40 minute hop skip and a jump away. However the 2 hour bus ride and 3 hour boat ride that followed were long yet completely enjoyable.



Total travel time from Denver, Colorado to Cuyabeno Reserve in Ecuador- 18 hours


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