Quito photos

After spending 5 days in the Amazon, we flew back to Quito for a weekend. I was prepared not to like Quito and after reading online blog posts I was also prepared for the chance of being robbed, pick pocketed, etc. I’m never reading so-called “experts” commentary on cities. Quito was much more modern and beautiful than we expected. We walked around the Old Town at night and took cab with no issues.

Since we’re going to be traveling for alot of the year, we are traveling at a slower pace and not rushing to see every kitschy attraction. Although I’m not a big fan of visiting every church in each South American city, that usually all feel the same, Iglesia de la Compañia de Jesus in Quito was an exception.


Although photos weren’t allowed, I snapped two quickly  and put my camera away. The intricacy and amount of gold in this church was like nothing I’ve ever seen. Although I consider myself spiritual, I’m not exactly a religious person. However this church demands attentiveness and respect.


The other church we visited in Quito was Basílica del Voto Nacional.


Although we didn’t pay to go in, as I’d been told the inside wasn’t much to look at, walking around the outside was nice.



Other than walk around we didn’t hit most of the major tourist attractions, which I’m okay with.

Here are a few more photos from our time in Quito!

[gallery  columns=”3″ ids=”829,828,827,826,820″]

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