Paradise Found: Tayrona National Park

We just finished two (mostly) wonderful days and nights in Tayrona National Park on the Colombian Coast. If you’re adventurous amd don’t mind the 2 hour hike in, sleeping in hammocks or sketchy tents, or cold showers Tayrona is great. For me the difficulties actually made it more enjoyable, but it’s definitely not for everyone. After an hour long bus ride from Santa Marta, a thirty minute wait at the entrance, and finally hiking for 1.5 hours to Cabo San Juan del Guia we were rewarded by this view.



For the first night we opted to sleep in hammocks, and since we arried at 2pm the only ones left were at the top of the cabana. The Argentine girls in line behind us giggled and all said “frio” when they heard where we were sleeping.


This should be interesting

It turns out it wasn’t that cold but the wind and the wet hammock combination made me glad I brought a jacket and jeans to sleep in. Thanks to a little Ambien I slept like a rock despite the howling winds. Ben unfortunately did not fare so well, and we moved to a tent the next night.


View from the hammocks

The next night things didn’t go so well for me and as we laid down to sleep I began to feel the fever and horrific stomach cramps that I’d know for the next 48 hours. Needless to say the trip back to Santa Marta wasn’t great. Nevertheless our time at Tayrona was great! Here are more pictures of my paradise 🙂

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