Photos of our wonderful trip to Borobudur

Our visit to Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist temple, made our time in Java worthwhile. In lieu of waking up at 3am and hopping on a tourist bus, we booked a shabby little hotel next to the East gate of Borobudur and walked over at 5:45am.

While eating dinner at Lotus Guesthouse we met a chatty and informative guide named Johnny and hired him for the following day. So after our 6am sunrise photo session atop Borobudur, we met Johnny and began “class” as he called it. Five hours later we left Borobudur knowing much more about Borodudur as well as Indonesian history and politics.

Fun facts about Borobudur:

● It’s made in an interlocking system of 2 million volcanic stones
● It’s decorated with 504 Buddha statues and 73 stupas
● It took roughly 70 years to build and was completed in the 8th century

Enjoy the photos!

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