A last minute “Why not?!” sent us to Austin

On the drive back west we stopped in Dallas to spend the night with  a girlfriend of mine after leaving Mobile. After getting a late start, the thought of trying to drive 11 hours to Albuquerque sounded impossible. As we finished up our lunch in Dallas, I mentioned in passing that Austin is only a three hour drive.

Why not?

I was already starting to adore Austin as we slowly drove down South Congress to the last minute apartment I booked on Airbnb. The funky shops and restaurants are much more reminiscent of San Francisco than any place we’ve been to in a while. We spent two nights in Austin although I can’t pretend I saw very much of it. Unfortunately I was in bed with a migraine for most of Saturday, not getting out of bed until dinner time on Saturday night. Until next time Austin.. there will definitely be a next time!

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