That’s a wrap folks, 22,000 miles later!

After 6 months (22,000 miles) of driving across The United States & Canada our road trip has finally ended in Colorado. For the next ~2 months we’ll live near Vail, Colorado as Ben tries to make a snow bunny out of me! Since I’ve never lived anywhere cold or snowy, living in the Colorado Rockies for two months will be interesting.

As this part of our trip comes to an end I can’t help but feel nostalgia looking back on what a great summer we had. So in no particular order, here are some of my favorites places/moments of the trip.

Sarah’s favorites places

1) Yosemite National Park– Yep after traveling far and wide Yosemite is still numero uno in my book!

Snow hiking in June

2) Portland!

Stopping to smell the roses

Stopping to smell the roses

3) Banff National Park & Glacier National Park, Canada– I lump these two together because they were both so gorgeous. Can’t wait to get back there one day.

Lake Louise in Banff NP

Lake Louise in Banff NP

4) Savannah, Georgia– Another one I never wrote a blog post about! Savannah goes down as my #1 most romantic city in the US. The food, history, historic homes, and people are all class.

One of my favorite squares in Savannah (name escaping me)

One of my favorite squares in Savannah (name escaping me)

Most memorable moments

1) Running down Tioga Road after 4 nights of backpacking in Yosemite towards IPAs & burgers.

2) Having three weeks of rainy (and sometimes miserably cold weather) during June in Oregon resulting in this face

How can I keep a straight face?

3) Ben being a little too honest and getting our car searched at the Canadian border 

3) Traveling with a dog cross-country always makes things a little more fun. The time a Canadian woman saw our dog outside of Safeway (in the shade with a bowl of water might I add) and took her home was not one of them. Did make for a good story though!

Sometimes we don't all see things the same

Sometimes we don’t all see things the same

Seeing her mom shoot a gun wasn't going over well

Seeing her mom shoot a gun wasn’t going over well

Can you blame her?

Can you blame her?

3) Glacier National Park– Making it the 36 miles after a strange allergic reaction and a bout of exhaustion.

3) The culture shock that occurred when I took Ben to Alabama.. blog post to come soon.

I’ll be back in January when we leave for our Around the World trip! Thanks to United buddy passes which allow us to fly for nearly nothing, we’ll continue our trip Internationally.

Until then you can find me at Vail!!!

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