That time we got engaged on the Amalfi Coast

After spending time in Rome and Florence, in late March we rented a car with my mom and drove through Tuscany and later the Amalfi Coast after my mom left Italy.


Abandoned hotel in Sorrento


We ended up stopping at Marina del Cantone for lunch

After being on the move constantly for over a week, we were ready for a change of pace when we arrived in Positano.


Wisteria covered walkway in Positano


Sunset view of Positano

Since we arrived in Italy and have all the time we need, we haven’t been booking hotels ahead, and instead have just found places as we went. However because the end of March is still considered low season, we’ve found it a bit tough to find open accommodations. Positano was no exception, and after walking around for half an hour we gave up on the hope of an ocean view room and settled on Hotel Savoia, which turned out to be great.


The view from our balcony at Hotel Savoia

Our first night we had a mediocre meal at Chez Black and wondered where everyone was, Positano seeming like a ghost town Friday night at 9:30 pm in the off-season. 

The next morning we awoke to a bustling street below… here are the people! Around lunch time after stopping to pick up a bottle of red wine and meats and cheeses, we posted up on a dock overlooking the water and pretended like this was our first day of vacation together.


Our view from the dock


Ben posing with our lunch buffet


Inspecting the Fisherman's catch



Cheeese, wine, and proscuitto!

I had known that Ben had bought an engagement ring for far too long now, and sorta had an idea that he may propose while we were here. But it was the last thing on my mind when later that day he suggested we grab a bottle of Prosecco and go back down to the beach to watch the sunset.


More wine!

After finishing the entire bottle of Prosecco (our second of the day!), I requested a bathroom break before the fancy dinner we had planned… You would too if you’d been drinking wine like water!

As I started to walk towards the restaurant Ben grabbed my hand and pulled me back down towards the dock we were sitting at earlier. 

And my jaw dropped when he FINALLY popped down onto one knee amd asked me to marry him.



But knowing he had the ring for so long didn’t prepare me for the  feelings, of knowing that I’m actually going to be married. This man who I’ve spent almost every minute of the last year with wants to marry me! The thing that I was beginning to think would never happen. After so many horrible dates and situations with men in my life, I finally met the right one two years ago. The rest is history!

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