Wandering the Countryside in Ronda

After a 14 day non-stop stint of travel through Morocco and Southern Spain with Ben’s parents, we needed a serious break. After a gorgeous 2.5 hour bus ride from Sevilla, we arrived in Ronda for three days of R&R at the funkiest/coolest hotel of our trip Enfrente Arte.

Lounging by the pool, sleeping in, and exercising was about all we did for three days. No sightseeing and no museums or churches for us! The best thing about Ronda is how breathtakingly beautiful the hilltop town and the surrounding countryside. There are various trails and country roads for walking, hiking, or biking ranging greatly in distance.


We started at the famous bridge between the old and new towns


Follow the little brick road


The scenery is incredible


Poppies and various wildflowers are everywhere this time of year


Making friends


I'm a sucker for flowers!



Which way do we go?


Looped back into the new town after a 3 hour walk


The last thing I intented to do after a hike was get drunk.. our waiter had different plans. Next stop: siesta!


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