Viewing Modern Art Masterpieces in Madrid for FREE

I’m not one to catalog every tourist attraction, I usually prefer to chronicle off-the-beaten path experiences that every tourist in the world hasn’t done, thus I haven’t posted much from Italy or Spain.  However after a visit to the Reina Sofia in Madrid I feel the need to explain just why I loved this museum so much.

Visiting Europe is incredible but after a few museums and churches, I reach my limit. To truly experience a city I prefer to wander aimlessly and of course people watch, preferably with cocktail in hand. After visiting the amazing Prado Museum in Madrid, I was feeling museum overload. That is until I realized that Reina had an incredible  collection of modern art from Miro, Picasso, and Dali. Did I mention you can view this collection for free on Sundays after 1:30? Here are photos (not all mine as many rooms didn’t allow photos) of some of my favorites.

Sculpture in back of of the museum

Sculpture in back of  the museum

Guernica by Pablo Picasso is the jewel of Reina Sofia. Image copyright


The Woman in the Window- Salvador Dali. Image copyright


Oscar Dominguez- The Cat and the Canary. Image copyright Museo Reina Sofia


The World by Angeles Santo. Image copyright The Guardian


Peinture (Escargot, femme, fleur, étoile) by Joan Miró. Image copyright


The Face of the Great Masturbator by Salvador Dali. Image copyright Museo Reina Sofia

Sculpture in the front of the museum

Sculpture in the front of the museum













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